Friday, March 22, 2013

Old Character Design and Animation Assignments

Some old Character Design Assignments and Animationssssss, Sorry for the bad scans
*Winkity Wink*

Character Designs
I think these two were for an expression assignment

Uhhhhh for the beak and muzzle assignment

Okay so some animations!! wow, that's sort of why I'm at Sheridan eh?

Expression change animation assignment
Audio from 30 Rock

Full body human lip sync assignment
Audio from 21 Jump Street

Just finished this one last night, Muzzle lip sync assignment
Audio from Rush Hour two.
This is only a section of it, i'll be adding more to it when we get around to doing the beak lip sync. Also, this is the first real hand drawn animation I've done digitally and I'm never going back, it's just...better for me. It made finishing this assignment in under a day possible.

Doodles drawn from some movies for reference for the above assignment, I think we all know which movies they're from :D
God damn I love rodents <3 <3

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