Monday, July 7, 2014

Final Action Analysis

First semester of Third year left me with this.

This was the original plan for this assignment, I wanted him to end up under water :( Time would not allow for it

Life Drawing Assignment

K for real? Life drawing is amazing in third year, the teacher 'Tim' is fantastic! and you're pretty much free to explore any styles or subject matter you want. You aren't forced to draw exactly what's in front of you, you're encouraged to branch out and try new things and let your style affect your drawings.

Also I could draw the models as animals instead of people <3 
Best class ever.


A collection of some of my favourite pages from the sketchbook I kept throughout 3rd year.

Mostly pen & ink, col-erase, water colour and a bit of copic marker

Art that I can't think of a category for :3

Just some art. That I drew.


Sketch Dailies

I have a great love for the sketch dailies promts, I only started doing them near the end of the school year so I didn't have time to do too many of them before school ended and I no longer had access to a cintiq and photoshop, I've been so spoiled with all the lovely technology at school that trying to do digital art on anything else disgusts me haha.

Prompts: Centaur, Troll, My cool little pony, Thor, Aquaman, Invisible Man.

Also a couple for Animal Sweater Sunday!
I also stopped doing these when school let out :( I need to find a way to get around my lack of technology.

Character Design

We spent quiet a bit of this year stressing about applying for our summer internships which means I spent even more time trying to come up with some halfway decent character designs to fluff up my portfolio with.

These hamsters were for a pitch idea for my fourth year film

The yeti was for an alternative forth year film idea(decided to go with the hamster instead)

Ahhhh! It's been so long, here's some stuff you've missed.

For the few people who may or may not actively follow my blog I am so sorry for disappearing! Third year in Sheridans Animation program gets pretty crazy half way through first semester and everything that isn't school work sort of falls on the back burner. I have been posting on Tumblr though and will probably continue to post more frequently there if you guys and gals are interested.

Now that I've apologized we can move on to the good stuff, these nest few posts are basically just going to be a big dump of some the art that I've done over the course of  my third year. I'll do my best to post more frequently after this T^T