Sunday, April 1, 2012

SO! ..... I'm in school for animation... I guess it's about time that I upload some of the projects I've had to do.

S and C curve Marine Animal

Ball and Tail (Final First Semester Project)

Flash Project(Digital Tools Project. First Time Using Flash)

Original Character Walk Cycle(Red Panda)

A Coloured Version of the Above Assignment

Head Rotation and Meow(Yzma From The Emperors New Groove)

#1 Four Legged Animal Walk(Elk)
(Only had to do one walk cycle....  Fuck da rules)

#2 Four Legged Animal walk(Panther)

#3 Animal Walk (Kangaroo)

 Whelp! That's it... or at least all that I can be bothered to post atm. Let me know what you think! Been so busy lately, only a few weeks left of school! Eek!

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